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Much Appreciated~ A Photostory

Hi everyone! I have a photostory for you today that I hope you’ll enjoy! Especially since the pics were taken in a room in my dollhouse… πŸ˜‰ XD

Riven-Delle was super busy baking up a storm; she had already made cupcakes, cookies, muffins – now she had a blueberry pie in the oven! She had wanted to bake a cake, too, but she had received too many interruptions by her siblings that took her away from her baking several times that day. From Clara fainting twice to Lana causing an argument to the little ones getting underfoot time and again – Riven-Delle was at her wit’s end. She wasn’t even the oldest of the kids, yet everyone seemed to be coming to her for everything – just as they always did.

Kiara stepped into the kitchen just as Riven-Delle was putting a dirty bowl by the sink (I say “by” since it was overflowing with dishes already) and let out a quick gasp. “Wow! That’s a lot of goodies!” She said, eyeballing the cookies.

“Yeah, well, that’s what I like to do,” Riven-Delle smiled, “Do you need something?” she asked, trying to hide her dread.

“Oh, no, I just came in for a drink of water,” Kiara said and went to find a glass. Riven-Delle let her shoulders sink in relief and continued with her work…

…but she hesitated when she heard the faucet turn on and heard dishes clanking around. “Uh – Kiara? What are you doing?” Riven-Delle asked.

“There’s a mountain of dishes that need washing, so I thought I’d help you out and start washing,” Kiara said, soapy sponge in hand.

“Oh. Well, that’s nice of you, but really, it’s not necessary,” Riven-Delle said.

“It’s okay, I want to do this,” Kiara said with a smile.

Riven-Delle turned her head away, annoyance crawling up her spine. “Really, Kiara, you can go,” she said.

“Riven-Delle I don’t think you’re being very nice. I’m not going to disrupt your work by doing the dishes for you – in fact, I’ll be helping you along with your work by taking this load off your back,” Kiara said. Riven-Delle sighed and said, “You’re right. I’m sorry, Kiara. It’s nice of you to help me.”

The timer went off for the oven, so Riven-Delle got her oven mitts on to check on her pie while Kiara began scrubbing away.

While they were both preoccupied with their work, sneaky little Merida tip-toed into the kitchen and swiped a plate of cupcakes off the table and scurried off before anyone could notice she was ever there.

When Riven-Delle decided the pie was done baking, she took it out of the oven and set it on the table, only to be horrified by the emptiness that faced her.

“Where are my cupcakes?” Riven-Delle cried.

Kiara instantly stopped scrubbing the dishes and joined her sister’s side. “What on earth…”

“They’re gone,” Riven-Delle said, her voice shaky.

“Hey, it’s okay. I bet one of the little ones came in and took them – let’s go see if we can find them!” Kiara suggested.

“No, I’m sure they’re all gone by now anyway,” Riven-Delle said.

“Well, isn’t that a good thing? I mean, don’t you bake all these treats so we can eat them?” Kiara asked.

“Yes, but….,” Riven-Delle sighed, “Truth is, I’m not so upset about the cupcakes. I’m just so frustrated. I’ve been planning this baking day for weeks and I’ve been looking forward to having some time to myself, doing the thing I love. But all day I keep being interrupted by everyone and constantly dragged away from my baking. Why does everyone always want me?” Riven-Delle asked, a couple tears trickling down her cheek.

Kiara placed her hand on her sister’s shoulder and said, “I understand, everyone needs their own space, but really, think about how amazing it is that everyone loves you so much. I think just about everyone in this family looks up to you. And in a big family like ours, that’s something to be thankful for. You’re so appreciated in this house and I think you should learn to appreciate that.”

Riven-Delle smiled through her tears and hugged her sister tightly. She knew that lately she hadn’t been as appreciative of her family as she should have been and she was so grateful to Kiara for reminding her that appreciation goes both ways.

The End

Challenge: This week show someone you wouldn’t normally think of that you appreciate them. It just may make their day πŸ™‚


Strum Me a Tune~ A Photostory

Samantha and Riven-Delle decided to brave the freezing cold (or at least, it was to them, being California girls) and do some shopping downtown.

Riven-Delle’s head was turned by the enchanting sound of a guitar strumming not far from where they were. She realized that the person playing looked unmistakably familiar and found herself in the middle of a big problem. Her head told her that it wasn’t wise to go up to a stranger and talk to them, but she had done it once with no harm done. Surely Samantha wouldn’t approve, but Riven-Delle felt that this boy needed help and that he wasn’t really a bad person.

“Riven-Delle, what are you looking at?” Samantha inquired once she realized her sister had suddenly stopped dead in her tracks.

Riven-Delle knew that hair – she hadn’t seen anyone else with it before. It was definitely him.

Without saying a word Riven-Delle headed in the direction of the guitar player with Samantha veryΒ hesitantly following behind. She absolutely hated it when people kept her from doing some serious shopping.

“Hello!” Riven-Delle greeted, a bit nervous to say anything.

The teenage boy looked up from his guitar and instantly stopped playing. The look behind his eyes expressed worry and Riven-Delle wondered what could be wrong.

“Hello….,” he said hesitantly.

“I’m sorry – aren’t you Weston? The boy from the diner? I was certain I’d seen you before,” Riven-Delle said, though she already knew it was him.

“Yeah, I guess that would be me. You got some cops hiding out nearby to take me in?” He asked, his eyes shifting around.

“No, of course not! I told you I wouldn’t turn you in,” Riven-Delle said.

He let out a quick sigh that was hardly audible and said; “Look, I don’t want to be rude, but maybe you should get going. I’m about ready to head back home now anyway.”

Riven-Delle looked down at the blue bowl with white polk-a-dots scattered around it. This was not a bowl a teenage boy would choose to use – especially in public. She couldn’t help wondering if perhaps it was stolen… Weston was definitely not living in a stable home – maybe he was even living on the streets.

“C-could you strum a song for us before we go? I heard you from a distance and it sounded great,” Riven-Delle said.

“I think we should get going, Delle,” Samantha intervened.

“One song won’t hurt. We’ll still have time for shopping,” Riven-Delle said.

“Alright, just one song and then I gotta go. My dad will kill me if I’m late for my lessons,” he said, though Riven-Delle couldn’t help doubting that he even had a father.

Riven-Delle watched curiously as he turned the knobs on his guitar to tune it. Samantha turned her head away and groaned just loud enough for Riven-Delle to hear her.

Once he had tuned up, he began to strum on his guitar an older sounding song that was full of life, making Riven-Delle tap her feet and clap her hands along.

When the song ended, Riven-Delle clapped and told him how great it was while she got her purse out to drop some money into his bowl.

“You play so well, I wouldn’t be surprised if someday you become famous!” Riven-Delle said as she dropped her money into the bowl.

A crisp 20 dollar bill to be exact.

Weston stared at it in disbelief – he hadn’t had that much money at one time in years!

“Thank you,” he said, as calmly as possible.

“Alright, Delle, let’s go now,” Samantha urged.

“Well, bye!” Riven-Delle said, feeling a bit awkward and sorry to leave him. Who knew where he would be tonight or if he even had anyone who cared about him.

Weston reached into the bowl and held the 20 dollars in his hand as he watched the girls leave. The kindness Riven-Delle had expressed meant so much to him – no one had treated him that way since he was a young boy. Except for his friend, of course, who was lying sick in bed and in need of some decent food. Thanks to Riven-Delle, he could give him just that.

Do you play an instrument? I’m learning to play the keyboard and I’m loving it! πŸ˜€Β 


Just a note – do not talk to strangers. Riven-Delle is a bad example. XD

Also, another note – Riven-Delle and Weston are not a couple and I don’t plan to make that happen. They will just be good friends. πŸ˜‰Β 

WestonDelle ~ A Photoshoot


YES, I am BACK!!!

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post! The wedding was so gorgeous and absolutely perfect in every way! I’m so insanely happy for them Β – they’re just such a beautifulΒ couple. God matched them so perfectly! <3

I did cry at the wedding, but not as much as I thought I would. And we danced so. Much. My feet were killing me. XD

I’ll be sharing some pics soon! I’m not sure whether or not to post them here or on LMF… What do you guys think?

Okay, I think I’ve rambled enough! XD I had an urge to go outside and take pictures of Weston and then decided that he needed a girl with him, so Riven-Delle came along too. By the way, we had a thunderstorm the other day. It rained 2 days in a row. And there are no more 90’s in the forecast. AAAAGHHH!!!

On with the photoshoot! XD

This one I had taken flipped around, but then I rotated it and I thought that it looked really interesting this way! What about you? πŸ™‚



So how have you all been doing? Anything exciting going on or coming up soon? Is school overtaking your life? I’d love to know what’s going on in your life! I’ve missed you guys! <3

I’ll post again soon! *waves*

By the way – the title is my attempt at a shipping name for Weston and Riven-Delle ;D

Dine & Dash~ A Photostory

Wait, what? Two photostories in a row? I can’t even remember the last time I did that! Well, you are about to find some of my deep, dark secrets… Okay, not really, but you will find out something you’ve been dying to know πŸ˜‰

“Hey, Delle. That guy over there keeps looking around the diner. Think he’s up to something?” Eli asked his older sister.


Riven-Delle casually looked over to where the guy was sitting. She guessed he was an older teen. Maybe 16 or 17? He seemed kind of suspicious- mostly cause he was wearing a black leather jacket.

They quickly turned their gaze away from him when they noticed he was looking at them.

The teen guy stood up, his food gone except for a few fries andΒ a little left of his grape soda.

Then Riven-Delle casually watched as he walked away from the bar and went out the door.

“Eli, stay here.” Riven-Delle instructed. “I’m gonna go talk to him.”

“Uh, I don’t think you should do that, Delle. He’s obviously not a good guy. It’s not safe.” said Elijah. Riven-Delle didn’t listen, though.

Riven-Delle followed the guy out the door and watched him for any strange behavior. “It seems safe.”Β She thought.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” Riven-Delle called out and he paused abruptly, as though thinking “Oh no. I m caught.”


“You talking to me?” He inquired as he turned to face her.

“Yeah, I am. You just left the diner without paying.” She stated firmly.

He chuckled and turned his head away.

“Look, don’t say anything about this to anyone. I need to get out of here.” He said urgently.

“What’s your hurry?” She asked.

“I need to help my friend. He’s sick.” He informed.

“Sure he is.” Elijah said as he walked up.

“I told you to wait for me.” Riven-Delle scolded.

“I think he’s just making all this up to get away.” Eli said bluntly.

“Actually, I’m not, kid. My friend really is sick.” He stated.

“Look, I don’t have time to chat with a couple of kids. I gotta get going.” He said, turning to leave.

“I don’t think you should be talking to us that way. I’m actually 14, how old are you?” Riven-Delle inquired.

“16. And before you ask, my name is Weston.” He introduced.

“Well, here’s the thing Weston. If you don’t have any money, I’ll pay the bill for you. And I won’t turn you in.” Riven-Delle offered kindly.

Weston turned away with a sigh. Inside he felt guilty because he did have the money, but he couldn’t tell them that. He needed to get back home and help his friend. “Deal.” He agreed.

And that was the last word they heard him say.

“I hope he’ll be okay.” Riven-Delle said.

“I hope we see him again. I just need to touch that hair. How does he get it to stay up like that?” Eli wondered and Riven-Delle just laughed. She hoped to see him again, too, mostly because she felt sorry for him. She hoped he would turn from his wrong ways…


YES!! I MADE A BOY DOLL!! I’ve been planning to make him for months now, but I was finally able to do it today! I’m just so in love with him. He’s so amazing!! πŸ˜€

I’ll be posting pics soon of the customization process πŸ˜‰

Do you want a boy doll? What would you want him to look like?Β 

P.S. I also apologize for the first few photos. The lighting in my room is terrible….

New Star Wars Costumes in Bitty Beanies!

EEKS! I’ve been SO excited to share my new Star Wars costumes with all of you and today is the day I get to show you! πŸ˜€ For those of you who may not know, I have an Etsy shop where I sell crocheted doll outfits/costumes πŸ™‚

Okay, let’s take a looksie:


Doesn’t she look adorable? :O

I had so much fun making this outfit! I just love the poofy-ness πŸ™‚

MY LITTLE BB-8!!! LOLOL! Sorry, you all know I have an insane obsession with him XD

I was really happy with how the sweetheart neckline came out. Usually it’s kind of difficult for me to do, but in this case- it was easy! πŸ™‚

“Haaaan SOLO!” Sorry, I just had to quote Maz (I say that quote all the time) XD

So this is the Han Solo dress I talked about! I am SOO happy with how this turned out! I think it may be one of my absolute favorite items I’ve made! πŸ˜€

Yes, one more picture XD


And here is the Jedi Robe!! Oh, and AGDA– thanks for telling me about the Lightsaber! I LOVE it! πŸ˜€

I just love the back <3

Honestly, the Sith Robe is my favorite out of the two. It’s just so mysterious πŸ™‚

Yes, be creepily, awesomely, mysterious, Riven-Delle…. XD

So those are the items! They’re all available to order in my Etsy shop at these prices:

Princess Leia: $35

BB-8: $25

Han Solo: $35

Jedi Robe: $30

Sith Robe: $30

Oh, and just a reminder – I also have a Rey costume in my Etsy shop, as well πŸ˜‰

I think that’s all I have for today! If you have any questions about my items or anything, just drop me a comment πŸ™‚

Which of my new items is your favorite? What Star Wars costume would you like to see next?

Have a great day!


Finally Some Bokeh~ A Photoshoot

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share with you the photoshoot I did on Christmas with my new camera! YAY! πŸ˜€

Oh, also, sorry the title seems so wacko. I was completely clueless on what to name this post XD


You may notice that Riven-Delle is wearing Grace’s Sightseeing Outfit! Well, my mom had bought it for me for Christmas, but then she realized she had spent too much money on me (with the camera πŸ˜‰ ) and so I bought it from her! πŸ™‚

My camera really captures the natural colors so well! It amazes me!

B-b-bokeh…? :O

I am so happy with how these pictures turned out! I can’t wait to take more pictures with my camera! πŸ˜€

Can you see a difference in my pictures?


Paper Cut (and Day 21)

Hey guys! Today I got around to making a photostory and then I cleaned my room, so I feel really good right now! Plus, I’m listening to the Tangled soundtrack, so that’s always awesome! πŸ˜€

Now, let’s get on with the photostory!


“Samantha? Do you have to do that right now?” Riven-Delle asked her sister who was busy cleaning out the closet.


Without looking up from her work she replied, “Yes! If I don’t do it no one else will and it needs to be done!”


With a sigh and a shake of her head, Riven-Delle leaned back in her chair and tried to concentrate on what to write in her writing journal.


Clara entered the room and spotted Samantha cleaning out the closet. “Um, Samantha? Didn’t you just clean out the closet yesterday?” Clara inquired.


“Yes, but it has to be done again because no one ever puts things away properly!” Samantha stated in frustration. Clara knew very well that the purses at least hadn’t been touched at all since she cleaned the closet last, but she didn’t press the matter for she knew that Samantha loved to clean more than anyone.


“Are you okay, Riven-Delle? You look tired.” Clara observed.


“Oh, no, I’m just having trouble concentrating.” Riven-Delle replied with a slight grin.


“Oh, I see. Well I’m just getting some paper, but I’ll do my best not to distract you.” Clara said with a smile.


As Clara grabbed a sheet of paper, it slipped and lightly scraped her finger.


“Ow!” Clara yelped and then let out a quiet hiss. “What happened?” Samantha asked as she instantly turned her head at Clara’s cry of pain.


“Oh, it’s nothing. Just a paper cut.” Clara reassured her sister.


As Clara picked the paper off of the floor, she looked at her finger and saw that it was bleeding.


Clara instantly closed her eyes and turned away while taking deep breaths. “Clara, what’s wrong?” Riven-Delle inquired as she jumped out of her chair.


“I’m feeling faint.” Clara said softly.


Riven-Delle and Samantha rushed to their sister and helped her to the chair.


“Alright, put your head down. You’ll be okay.” Riven-Delle comforted as Clara did as she was told.


“What made you get all faint so suddenly?” Samantha asked.


“I looked at my finger and saw that it was bleeding.” Clara explained.


Clara sat up once she was feeling better and said, “You know, Riven-Delle-


-I hate paper cuts.”


So yeah, this photostory was inspired by the paper cut I got yesterday. When I saw my fingerΒ was bleeding I had to instantly look away cause I felt close to faintness. I wasn’t nearly as bad as Clara, but since she faints a lot, I thought it could work with her LOL!

Now, for Day 21 – Favorite recipe:

Hmm…. This is hard. I guess I’ll just go with the Funfetti Cookie recipe! They’re SO good and my brother, Jordan LOVES them!Β I can’t wait to make them this winter! πŸ˜€

Do you ever get faint when you see blood?Β 


Sadie’s Hope~ Part 4

YAY! It’s here!! If you haven’t seen the last part, or perhaps just forgot what happened, check it out by clicking here πŸ™‚

Alrighty, you all caught up? Great! Let’s get started! πŸ˜€


The woman dragged them down to the basement.


“I have something planned for the two of you. You shall never see each other again!” The lady shouted with an evil look on her face.


She shoved them to the floor, hurried out of the empty room, and locked the door behind her.


Sadie ran to the door and began pounding on it. “Let us out!!” Sadie screamed, but Amy came up to her and touched her shoulder.


Sadie flinched at the touch of Amy’s hand and cried, “I can’t be stuck in here again!” Amy and Sadie stood there in silence.


“You’ve been down here before?” Amy inquired with a sympathetic look.


Sadie nodded, trying to hold back her tears.


“I’m so sorry, Sadie.” Amy said softly, not really knowing what to say.


“HOW DARE MARK!” Sadie shouted, and banged against the door again.


“I know, it was wrong of him.” Amy said calmly.


“HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM!” Sadie cried, tears streaming down her cheeks.


“Sadie, believe me, I’m upset, too, but right now isn’t the time to be playing the blame game. Let’s just try to think of a way out of here.” Amy advised.


“Fine.” Sadie replied, but then the door shook and it opened.


Sadie jerked forward, but Amy grabbed her arm and held her back.


The woman appeared in the doorway with two guards. “That one, take her to the train station along with the others.” The lady ordered, pointing at Sadie –


– and one of the guards grabbed her.


Emma will be posting the next part on her blog soon! πŸ˜€


Riven-Delle’s Writing Day

Hi everyone! If you’ve gone to the “Meet My Dolls” page, you’d know that I love to write! Today, I am having a writing day and I thought I’d share a few tips for having a successful writing day πŸ™‚


First off, get comfortable. Wear some soft, comfy pants and a t-shirt. Put on a hairstyle that makes you feel ready to work! Some people like to just stay in their pj’s all day when they write and leave their hair down, but I like to get dressed and do my hair, so I feel ready to tackle my story!


Next, always have a water bottle or a glass of water near you. If you plan to sit down for a few hours and write, you’ll tend to get thirsty, so water is always a good thing to have with you πŸ™‚


If you tend to get distracted easily, shut the door so you feel alone and can concentrate more easily on your work.


Now you’re ready to write! Some people do their writing on paper, but I like to do mine on the computer. It goes faster for me and it’s much easier to correct any mistakes πŸ™‚


Remember, if you hit a dead end and you just can’t seem to push through the wall, maybe it’s time to take a break for a while. Usually when that happens to me, I take it as a sign that I need to stop for the day and think on it some more. If you force it too much, you may end up getting frustrated and stop writing for a week (maybe more).

Well, I hope these tips helped you! I’m gonna get started on my writing now, so maybe I’ll “see” you again soon! Bye for now! πŸ™‚


Hey, it’s Jaclynn now! I’m having a writing day myself and I thought I’d let you all know something…..

….. I’m working on writing the FINALE of my pirate stories!!! NOOOO!!! Oh, I’m going to die when it all ends. Probably cry. I’ll definitely miss writing them, but I’m excited to see how you will all like them and I hope that I can continue to write different stories that you’ll love just as much πŸ™‚

Do you or your dolls enjoy writing?Β 


An Unexpected Gift~ Part 2

It was my mom’s birthday, just a couple days after we had been offered the puppy and Mom and I were getting anxious for my dad’s reply. We wondered if maybe he would say yes today, since it’s my mom’s birthday…


My mom was sitting at the dining table, scrolling through Facebook on her phone and drinking her caramel coffee.


I walked in after catching up on some blogs I follow on the computer and said, “I wonder if daddy’s gonna say yes today…”


Mom looked at me and lightly shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know.” She replied. We chatted a while longer and a text message popped up on my mom’s phone from my dad. My heart started to race. He was never on his phone at work, only when he called my mom at lunch. Maybe he was just saying “Happy Birthday”, but my hopes were raised.


I watched anxiously as my mom read her text and a smile spread across her face and her fingers began typing back.


“What did he say?” I asked with a heart full of hope.


My mom smiled at me and said, “He said ‘Have decided to let you have the puppy. Happy Birthday, I love you!'”


I started to cry and squealed and I gave my mom a huge hug. I couldn’t believe he actually said yes! And that this was even real! We were getting a puppy!!


“Are you going to tell everybody today?” I inquired. “Yeah, I think so! Probably at dinner.” She replied. “I wonder how Dallas will take it…” I said, thinking about my brother who had just lost his dog almost a year ago. I know it still hurt him, so I wondered how he would feel about having another dog around.


“He’ll probably be how I was. Maybe a little sad at first, but then happy to have a puppy around again.” Mom replied.


I nodded my head and smiled broadly. “I can’t believe we’re getting a puppy!!”

This concludes part 2! Look for part 3 coming soon! πŸ™‚

P.S. The next photostory to be up will be the next part of Sadie’s Hope! πŸ™‚

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