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Tell Us Tuesday~ September 30th, 2014

Hello my lovely peeps! Today I am in one of those moods, where I just want to sit on the couch all day long and watch movies. Do you ever feel that way?
Okay, so I can not believe that this is the last day of September!! This month went by SO fast and I am super excited for these next few months! 😀

We got some great pics sent in this week and I’m excited to share them with you! Take a look:

AG Fan Meet-up 2014 Button

” I’m hosting an AG fan meet-up on October 9th that everyone can participate in! Just wear a blue shirt and a bubble braid, and if you someone around town wearing the same thing, don’t be afraid to say hi! She’ll probably be an AG fan just like you. To see the original post on my blog, click here: http://happyhouseofag.wordpress.com/2014/09/28/ag-fan-meet-up-2014/” Submitted by Loren


“My doll, Tracy, all ready for the meet-up in her blue shirt and bubble braid!” Also submitted by Loren


“I edited this photo and put my website name, Delightful World of Dolls, on it. I think it is SO beautiful! Comment below and tell me what you think of it.” Submitted by Madison


“A movie poster for one of my upcoming stopmotion-video films. I’m excited about it! To view the trailer, you can see it at my website here (http://delightfulworldofdolls.com/the-runaway-princess-trailer/) and at my youtube, here (http://youtu.be/Jp-ccl5ADBc).” Also from Madison


” Molly-Anne is breathtakingly beautiful. She was my first AG doll, ever, if mini dolls count. She’s the doll that started it all! She’s still in pretty great condition, considering I got her in 2010 and do daring stuff to her (sorry Molly-Anne!). I love her! <3 ” Also submitted by Madison

Now for a short photostory from Peace:

Photo on 9-24-14 at 4_23 PM

“hi! my name Matilda. I want to tell you about my adventure last summer in the woods.”

Photo on 9-24-14 at 4_27 PM

” it all started when i mounted my pony, daze. as i live in the woods of Norway, i go for rides frequently. this time my little sister rosella wished to come.”

Photo on 9-24-14 at 4_28 PM

” i thought about it as i packed some provisions. ( i might be out for a while) i told her no. and i started off. but i didn’t see that she was following.” continued next week for TUT!

Thank you girls, so much, for sending in your pictures and short story!! They were great! 😀

If you’d like to participate in next week’s Tell Us Tuesday, here’s how it works:

You send in a picture of your doll(s) (the most you can send is three pictures) through my Contact Form with a description. Please remember to attach the image(s)! Also, your images must be 2MB or smaller (please not too small, though) otherwise the Contact Form will not allow you to send in pictures 😉

I hope you’re all having a great week so far! 🙂

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