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The Disappearing Heirs Season 2~ The Crown Reclaimed: Part 2

We all walked outside and were met by Monica and Katrina. “Allie, Corinne! I expected you to be longer.” Monica said.

Katrina instantly walked over to the princesses and introduced herself.

Monica looked over us. “Where is he? Where’s your father?” She inquired.

“You knew he was my father?” I asked, raising my eyebrow and Corinne spoke up,

“He escaped.” She said simply.

Monica’s eyes widened and she sighed. “How did this happen?” She asked.

“We were about to come outside and suddenly he darted out the back door. I chased after him, but he was too quick. I’m sorry.” Corinne lied, but that isn’t what troubled me. I still had an unanswered question. “Monica!” I shouted and she turned quickly towards me. “You knew that he was my dad?” I asked again.

“Yes. I found out what he was looking for. I knew about the lost princess. And when you came into our hideout on that first day, I noticed your birthmark, and I knew that it was you. That’s why I was so adamant about you coming with us. I wanted to reunite father and daughter.” Monica explained.

I stood completely still with a serious look on my face. “Well, you did.” It was all I could say. I was angry that she hadn’t told me, and I lost him anyways, so her plan didn’t even work out well. I wondered if I would ever see him again…

The next part is coming in one hour so stay tuned! πŸ™‚


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