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The Disappearing Heirs Season 2~ The Crown Reclaimed: Part 5

I landed with a thud on the ground. “Ow…” I moaned as I stood up.

“Hm, this must be Feorden…” I thought aloud as I noticed a castle at the top of a large hill. “Psst! Allie!” I heard a familiar voice whisper.

“Corinne? Where did you get those clothes?” I asked as I joined her behind an old wood shed. “Weeelll…” She said slowly.

“You didn’t steal them, did you?” I asked with concern. All she did was smile.

“I can not believe I’m wearing this. Corinne, what did you do with my old clothes? I want them back now!” Monica demanded.

“Oh, stop, Monica. You’re fine. Besides, when some old woman saw me in my old clothes she screamed and said I shouldn’t be dressed like that. She was seriously outraged. It’s better if we try to blend in.” Corinne stated.


“Uh, I’m sorry, Corinne, but I’m not wearing stolen goods.” I said firmly.


“Well, they aren’t exactly stolen, more like borrowed off a laundry line.” Corinne pointed out. “Well, still, I’m not changing.” I stated. My mind was made up, and when my mind is made up, I don’t change it.


“You’re lucky you’re a princess, Allie. You get to do what you want.” Monica said, still annoyed that she had to wear a dress.

I snickered and said, “Come on you two, let’s see exactly what’s wrong with this kingdom.”

That concludes this part! Sorry that it was so short, but I promise that this story is gonna get very interesting 😀


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