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The Disappearing Heirs Season 2~ The Crown Reclaimed: Part 7

If you are a little lost on what is going on right now, you can get caught up by hovering over the “Photostory Series” page in the upper menu and clicking “The Disappearing Heirs Season 2 The Crown Reclaimed” 🙂

Getting into the palace was actually not as hard as everyone said it would be. The guards let us go right in once I told them what I was doing there. I felt frozen when I saw the stewardess sitting on the throne. I didn’t know what to say.


“Who are you?” The stewardess asked with annoyance.


“I am Allie Gramer and I am here to make a claim to the throne.” I said, swallowing my fear.


“Oh, so you claim to be the lost princess, do you?” The stewardess inquired.


The stewardess stood and came up to my face. “Well, I have news for you. The chances of my believing you are the lost princess are about a million to one! I have seen several girls claiming to be her royal highness and some of them looked more like her than you do!” She growled and I felt my face burning with anger.


With a wave of her hand she said, “Please leave me now!”


“Are you going to leave or shall I have the guards throw you into the street?” She said, raising her voice.


“You can’t just decide she isn’t the princess without hearing more from her!” Corinne yelled angrily.

“How dare you speak to me that way? I can do as I like!” The stewardess shouted. “She is Joshua’s daughter! We are both witnesses of their meeting!” Monica said in our defense.

The stewardess’ eyes widened at the mention of Joshua.


“They met back in Manhattan, from our world.” Monica stated.


“I don’t CARE!” The stewardess yelled furiously.


“Guards! Take them away!” She called and there was nowhere for us to go.


“What are we going to do?” Corinne asked as the sound of the guards footsteps grew louder. “We have no choice. We’ll have to figure something out in the dungeon.” I replied.



And with that, the guards dragged us down to the dungeon. I had failed, but I was going to get out of this, and I was going to take back my kingdom.

That ends part 7! Look for part 8 coming in one hour! 😀


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